Welcome to my portfolio of Fine Art photographic images.

Using a DSLR camera to capture select moments in time, my inspirations are nature, science and technology.  Together these elements form an intrigue within to challenge perceptions by experimenting and constructing new meanings and context from natural and man-made materials.

Below are the thumbnails examples of some of pictures I have taken, please click on the images to see them larger.

Cymatics Photography

The photographs in this gallery have been taken using vibration to make the formations. The term Cymatics is the associated name for this type of visualisation and can be conducted by using materials that react to certain sound frequencies. Using a home stereo speaker to provide vibration, I placed a small mixture of  body lotion onto the speaker then activated it with a sound tone and photographed the event, in a manner that suspended the moment of implosion.


High Speed Milk Droplet Photography

The images in this set have been inspired by Bio-Luminescent Organisms that exist in the depths of the ocean. These wonderful creatures have the ability to emit light by converting stored energy within their structures. Although several hundred different species have been recorded, many more remain undiscovered.

All of the photographs have been taken with a DSLR camera in a homemade studio using milk droplets mixed with liquid detergent, dropped from a fixed height. By manually controlling the speed of the external flash activation, I was able to capture various stages of the formations. The colours were created by placing contrasting coloured gels over the two flashes used to light the action.



Nature Photography

A series of images that I have taken of nature, both on location around England and in my photography studio.


Liquid Formations

I am fascinated by water and find it a powerful entity, with the ability to be calming yet ferocious, dependent on certain factors. The images of water droplets were inspired by Doctor Harold Edgertons work with the stroboscopic flash and have been created in my home studio using a Nikon Dslr camera, a microphone, laser and 3 speedlite flashes. I used coloured paper to reflect the flashes which in turn changed the colours of the water droplets


Timeless Captures

A selection of timeless photographs that I have taken which hold certain memories and nostalgia.